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Unless you have a fancy pants European ride, your car probably does not have a gas mileage indicator. Happily, for iPhone and Android users, there are a few apps that will help calculate and improve your car’s gas mileage.

DriveGain has developed two very useful applications for the iPhone – CarEconomy and DriveGain. Their free app, CarEconomy automatically calculates your MPG. Just enter your car make, model and year, start driving and the built-in GPS tracks your route and tells you your gas mileage.

DriveGain works hand in hand with the CarEconomy. Syncing to the iPhone/iPod Touch, the app calculates your car’s speed and acceleration/deceleration rate, fuel consumption, and amount of CO2 emissions emitted while driving. The app then gives audio and visual recommendations to help lower your cars gas consumption. DriveGain’s apps are not yet available for Android.

For Android users, Mileage is a free app that allows you to track your MPG. Just enter price per gallon, how many gallons you just bought and your car’s odometer information each time you fill your tank. Mileage will show you your average fill up cost, keep track fuel prices, fuel economy and average distance you car gets between fill ups. Mileage does not have the ability to give visual and audio recommendations as to lower your gas consumption.