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>100 years ago, the common man would have had difficulty envisioning such World’s Fair conceptual attractions as the Ferris wheel, Smell-O-Vision, or Norman Bel Geddes’ immersive prototype of the nation’s first highway system without experiencing each of them firsthand. Envisioning the near future today isn’t much different. When it comes to understanding as-of-yet-undeveloped alternative fuels, like biomass, sometimes seeing is endorsing.

It’s easier to get on board with biofuels once you’ve viewed the technology and asked a few questions. Here are some upcoming conventions and seminars to help familiarize you with the future of alternative energy.
Alternative Clean Transportation Expo 2011 (May 4-7) Long Beach, CA
Panelists and presenters will regale you with colorful information on fuel efficiency, clean energy alternatives, and the unavoidable rising costs of crude oil.
Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference + Expo 2011 (May 15-18) Fort Worth, TX
A one-stop conference for all things alternative, including some big-name exhibitors in the alternative-fuel and vehicle-technology industries.
Algae World Summit 2011 (May 23-25) San Diego, CA
Through introductions to newly developed algae products, learn about the many potential uses of this simple, unicellular organism, which might one day fuel your car and, possibly, you!
The Alternative Energy & Transportation Expo (Sept 30-Oct 1) Santa Monica, CA
Forward-thinking monoliths, like Honda, Edison, Nissan and Toyota, will showcase some of their latest alternative transportation technologies at this fair.