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>We don’t focus too much on the new car market but to be a little self-indulgent, here are a few highlights from the New York Auto Show.

Fiat 500 – Three words: I Want One. Nicely appointed and priced less than a Mini. The big question – how does it drive?

Volkswagen Beetle – I always like when automakers bring back an updated version of a heritage brand. The last generation looked terrific on the outside but I absolutely hated the really, really deep dashboard. It seemed like the windshield was a mile away and disconcerting when I had the chance to drive one. Anyway, the new Beetle is a vast improvement, even more terrific to gawk at. The dash is more conventional but the body color inserts are overdone; I always found this cheap-looking and frankly, I could do without it.

Volkswagen Passat – I have little affinity for four-door sedans but this one was sweet. Priced in the low 20’s, I hear. A poor man’s A6 or a Camry/Accord killer? You tell me.

Subaru WRX STI – Always a big hit on the autocross circuit, I could never figure out why they did a 5 door hatch. Ug-ly. Now, it’s back as a proper 4 door with a trunk. The wing is very boy racer but it does serve a purpose (I think). How about a coupe version, guys?