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From our guest blogger, Ask Patty:

Wow, looks like the AskPatty Blog is getting some attention, because after sharing the lowdown on G-Oil synthetic motor oil with the Ask Patty Nation earlier in the month, and also spotlighting them for Earth Day last week, they’ve reached out to me and want to offer our readers a special offer: The ability to try G-Oil for free.

So you know the lowdown (if you don’t, you can get it here) – G-Oil is a 100% biodegradable motor oil made from beef tallow by a pretty ambitious company called Green Earth Technologies, makers of a whole arsenal of green automotive products. And now, they’re extending the opportunity to you, dear readers, to try their flagship product for yourself with no obligation.

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Click HERE for more information from Earthgarage about G-Oil 5W-30 Green Motor Oil.

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