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Large companies across the world are successful for a variety of reasons. One major area of their successful business plan revolves around the fact that they spend money and time in the pursuit of efficiency.

With the ever rising cost of fuel adversely affecting the bottom line of many a company in today’s marketplace, efficiency in fleet fuel use may well be an area worth exploring. Don’t take my word for it though, look at companies like Walmart, Xerox and UPS – they all have looked at and implemented certain parts of Ecodriving technique with the very thought of fleet fuel savings as their goal, fleets can save money by using fleet fuel cards provided by the likes of and other companies.

Ecodriving is the process of changing driver behavior and ensuring that the machinery is running at maximum mechanical efficiency. The result is a joint effort between driver and machine that returns some notable benefits to bottom line and marketing strategy, as well as fleet and employee health.

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