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Owning a car can be difficult. Dashboard warning lights keep us up to speed on our car’s maintenance needs. Our car can tell us when it’s ready for an oil change, new brakes, bulb replacements, more coolant and the list can go on. When it comes to keeping external parts of our cars in check, such as tires, maintenance can to be a bit more difficult. With Measurement Ltd.’s new Accutire MS 48, keeping up with tire maintenance has never been simpler.

The Accutire MS 48 is an easy-to-use device that plugs right into your car’s tire valve. The device measures and displays a digital reading of your tire’s pressure. The device can also measure tire tread depth, an important measurement for warning car owners when their tires need replacing. The tread depth function of the device includes a color-coded system indicating different tread depth levels. The levels correspond to how warn out the tires are giving owners a heads up of when to start thinking about new tires.

The Accutire MS 48 is just another maintenance tip from the team at Earthgarage to help drivers have a safer car.

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