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Moms:  How much is your child’s safety worth to you?  You probably can’t put a number on it.  Texting while driving is a serious problem – the statistics are mind-boggling.  As of 2010, as many as a whopping 30% of accidents were caused by someone using a phone, and studies have shown that texting while you’re behind the wheel at 35mph places you at even greater risk than driving drunk at the same speed.

That blows my mind, I just can’t wrap my brain around it.  Our children have grown up immersed in new technology, and they are learning to drive with phones in their hands.  The solution to this is two-fold – first and foremost, set a good example.  Keep the phone out of your hand while you’re driving.  As of 2008 adults were just as guilty as our teens were, but those numbers are changing due to many national awareness campaigns.  Second, invest in technology that puts you in control of your teen’s safety.

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