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The Green Breakfast Club ( launches this June 13, 2011, in New York City.

The Club is a monthly networking event dedicated to accelerating social innovation and sustainability by supporting the start-ups that drive green and cleantech innovation.

Unlike other green networking events, which are often focused on information that green entrepreneurs already know, we will focus on the “how-to” of launching and building a successful green business. We’ll profit from each other’s experience and the experience of those who have already made it happen.

Give. Receive. Grow Your Green Start-up

As members of the Green Breakfast Club, we will be each other’s greatest resource, helping one another by exchanging resources and growing both our individual and collective triple bottom lines.

Each month our featured keynoters will share their startup stories (both success and failure). All-Star sustainability leaders and published authors such as Carol Sanford, Jacquelyn Ottman and Doug Cohen will be lending their voices to the keynote speaking mix.

We’ll have a unique structured networking exchange for intergenerational mentoring, and bartering of services and ideas.

Share resources and help grow our local green startup community. Register today and join us on June 13!

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