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People who commute by car to big cities know how difficult it can be to get a parking space. Whether it’s a parking garage or a spot on the street, the hunt for a free parking space can be stressful. Many drivers wind up circling around trying to find a spot or a garage with a decent price.  It does nothing to increase fuel economy – actually it makes it worse.

The team at Earthgarage has found a solution that could help ease the stress and help increase fuel economy. is a site designed to help city drivers easily find free parking spots. With 30 cities and 79 airports in their database, the site has partnered up with parking operators nationwide to help drivers find that perfect spot.

By selecting the city of your choice, you will be able find and compare daily or monthly parking rates and locations. The site allows users to search for a spot by neighborhood, address, cross street or attraction. Users then have the option of submitting their arrival and departure time, vehicle type and whether or not they want to view street parking, garages/lots or both. The site then generates a satellite map showing where there is free, metered or no parking available. Parking garages and lots plus hourly rates are shown as icons on the map. The site even allow users to make parking garage reservations while offering special rates and coupons.

Not able to access a computer ahead of time? Not to worry! has created mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones. If you don’t have a smart phone, has a special mobile site accessible from any phone with access to the web.

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