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Sharing a cab with Cabcorner’s app can make traveling in the city much easier and more affordable.

CabCorner connects people located in the same general area who are headed the same direction around the same time. It allows you to split the fare, offering a more affordable and greener transportation option than solo taxi travel. CabCorner’s most popular feature is the “Fare Calculator,” which forecasts the cost of both solo and shared taxi rides. Also included is a comprehensive listing of local cab companies, to ensure that a nearby taxi is just a phone call away.

To use, simply select  your city, enter the departure address, desired time, date, and destination. Keep in mind that cabs can also make multiple stops along the journey if you have more then one destination. It is recommended to post your journey in advanced to allow others to get the chance to join your ride, and to give you more options of rides to join.

The tool will then search for rides that meet your input criteria, connecting you with riders that leave on your desired day and near your meeting point. It will display the estimated shared costs, and show you the route of each rider. You can then click to join the ride, review details, and message the rider to get to know them if you prefer. Finally meet your “cab companion” and hail a taxi at the nearest “cab corner” or simply hail you’re own cab and pick them up on the way.

If you’re looking to meet people in an interesting way, decrease your environmental impact, or simply save money, visit or download the application from the iTunes store.

Does sharing cab rides mean less overall cab activity on the street and a way to reduce our carbon footprint? Could ride sharing be another angle on increasing fuel economy? Perhaps. Let us know what you think.

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