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Car Care is an automatic way to track fuel economy and service maintenance for every car in the garage.

This easy to use iPhone App automatically calculates your gas mileage, right at the pump. It can track multiple automobiles of any make or model. Gas mileage can be calculated for every type of fuel you fill up with, and enables your iPhone to remind you of your next oil change, tire rotation, or even car wax.

Vehicle health is important for not only your safety but you’re bank account as well. With Car Care, you can track any type of service, and customize the reminder. If you want to change oil every 2000 miles, tell Car Care 2000. If you prefer 8000, change it to that.

Car Care can also be customized to fit your specific needs. If you already have data on your computer, you can import your vehicles fuel and service data into Car Care on your iPhone using the Car Care Import web page.

To learn more about how to improve gas mileage, your vehicles’ health, increase fuel economy, or simply pick up some maintenance tips, download Car Care from the App Store.

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