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Setting a strong 60 mpg standard for America’s new cars is the biggest single step we can take to cut carbon pollution and achieve Freedom from Oil.

Over the next month, President Obama will decide what the standards for new cars sold between 2017-2025 will be. 2025 may seem like a long way off — but decisions being made now could decide if we continue our dangerous oil addiction, or break free once and for all.

How to Participate

  1. Snap a photo of the reason why you want 60 mpg.
    • Thumbs down at the pump — because you can’t afford to fill up so often.
    • Your fuel efficient car — because you have high standards, and your car should too.
    • You holding a sign with your own reason — because there are so many reasons to Go60 mpg.
  2. Email your photo to with the subject line: “I want 60 mpg because…”
  3. Sign the petition to show your support for strong vehicle fuel efficiency standards – 60 mpg by 2025.
  4. Tell your friends!

We will collect the photos and deliver them with your signatures to President Obama and other key decision makers at the EPA and Department of Transportation to show them it’s time to set a strong, 60 mpg standard! The images you submit will put a face on this issue – a face that cannot be ignored.

For more information visit: The Sierra Club

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