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We are all very excited about the new relationship CabCorner has built with Skyline Credit rides. And to show our appreciation to both Skyline as well as CabCorner users, they thought we would launch a limited time, promotional summer campaign to further encourage our riders to choose CabCorner when looking for transportation either to or from New York City airports.

CabCorner is offering, from now through Labor day, FLAT RATE FARES OUT TO JFK and LGA. If you “reserve a ride” (meaning you book a guaranteed ride using our NYC provider, SkyLine Credit Rides) through CabCorner in our NYC market, for any travel to or from either JFK or LGA (originating or destined for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx), no matter what the fare states at the time of booking, you will only be charged $40 for transportation to and from LGA and only $55 for transporation to or from JFK!  If the ride becomes a shared one then each rider will only be required to pay $20 for rides to/from LGA and $28 for rides to/from JFK.

Read the entire article at: CabCorner

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