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On Monday morning, no fewer than five Chevrolet Volts were charging on 100 percent renewable energy from General Electric’s parking-lot Solar Carport. Opened in May, the 100-kilowatt solar installation, which also offers some shade and weather protection and has 10 connected G.E.-built chargers, is projected to last 25 years and provide 125 megawatt-hours of electricity annually, according to G.E.

The solar port is open to public use, but most of the Volts plugged in here are among the first wave of 25,000 plug-in hybrid and purely electric cars that G.E. pledged last year to buy. G.E. said it would use plug-in hybrids and E.V.’s, including 12,000 Volts and other cars, for “at least half” of its nationwide fleet of 30,000 company vehicles.

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