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It lives on damaged, infertile, and eroded soils, improves the ecosystem of forest floors, removes CO2 from the atmosphere and produces a sugary sweet juice at an amazing rate. The Arenga Sugar Palm is arguably Indonesia’s best-kept secret.

The tree is capable of producing 19 tons of ethanol per hectare each year, it is a far superior ethanol source to the food crops previously used such as the 3.3 tons produced from a hectare of corn or 4.5 tons possible from sugar cane. The Sugar Palm’s life is actually extended by having its juice tapped by Indonesian natives who are provided with much needed employment income through the sustainable harvest of Sugar Palm juice. This elegantly simple solution to native poverty, rainforest destruction, and renewable energy demand is the brainchild of scientist and rainforest advocate Willie Smits and his company Tapergie.

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