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FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) moved closer to meeting its 2020 global citizenship goals with significant support from its 290,000 global team members and through a number of smart investments. The FedEx 2010 Global Citizenship Update, released today, showcases how smart collaboration and strategic investments can help connect the world in responsible and resourceful ways, while creating economic opportunity.

Around the globe, FedEx is continually shifting to more-efficient vehicles and aircraft. FedEx is increasing its investment in all-electric and alternative drive train vehicles. By the end of FY11, FedEx will have increased its all-electric and hybrid-electric vehicle fleet by 20 percent to 410 vehicles in service across the globe, and is studying the all-electric fleet for further expansion. FedEx recently added six more 777F aircraft to its fleet, increasing the 777F FedEx fleet to 12. The 777F flies farther on less fuel while carrying more cargo than the MD-11s they replaced – it has 14,000 lbs of more cargo capacity but uses 18 percent less fuel and reduces emissions by 18 percent per ton of cargo. Based on current purchase commitments, FedEx plans to have 45 777Fs in service by 2020.

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