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Here’s the good news. CAFE standards are increasing and will push automakers to further embrace new technologies, such as hybrid and plug-in powertrains. For instance, by 2025 passenger cars will have to achieve a CAFE rating of 60 mpg, which means an EPA window sticker of around 42 mpg — a figure numerous hybrid cars already achieve today (and I mean combined, not JUST on the highway).

The bad news is that pickup trucks, and possibly SUVs and crossovers, will have much easier fuel economy requirements.

But it’s the loophole news that is really ugly.

While not all details are yet available, AutoObserver notes, “There are plenty of loopholes, exemptions and credits in the plan, insiders say, and their impact might result in a “real” CAFE standard as low as 50 mpg – equal to about 38 miles per gallon on the EPA’s “window sticker” fuel economy statements that are provided with each new car.”

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