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Asphalt and concrete parking areas take a pounding from sources such as weather and traffic, no matter the season or area in the country.  The sealer coatings, commercial cleaners, and road salts used to protect/maintain concrete and asphalt surfaces can be damaging to drinking-water supplies and watershed ecosystems. At Soil Retention-Plantable Concrete Solutions, they have come up with an eco-friendly answer.

The Drivable Grass Concrete Paving System is a flexible and plantable concrete pavement system made of wet cast, low moisture absorption concrete. The 2′ x 2′ mats have openings to allow for water infiltration and root penetration. They conform to uneven ground surfaces without coming apart and flex with freeze/thaw cycles in the Winter without cracking at the surface. What makes Drivable Grass different is its unique structure which allows grass, to grow right through it, while providing a solid surface comparable to asphalt or poured concrete. The light color and grass surface also reflects solar radiation, helping to reduce regional heat gain

All plantable concrete systems are simple do-it-yourself projects for the homeowner.  Installation is similar but easier than pavers and is explained in the installation section of their website. To get started, visit

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