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San Francisco based company ATDynamics has found a way to save over $20 billion in fuel savings for the trucking industry over the next 10 years.  Through the simple installation of their TrailerTail (as seen above) individual trucks can increase fuel efficiency by over 6%.  Drivers are able to save an average of 8 gallons of gas per 1,000 miles driven.

Launched in 2006, this start-up company has been the recipient of many awards for their designs.

The team at ATDynamic created the TrailerTail, an easy to install addition to the rear of a truck that expands during travel.  By reducing the low pressure drag created by the abrupt end of the truck, the TrailerTail is an extension (similar to a cone) that helps it cut through the air with less resistance and less energy.  When the rig arrives at its destination, the tail can then fold back up against the doors.

With an upfront cost of around $2,000 per device many consumers have found the pay-back period to be no more than one year for high mileage tractor trailers.

As individuals we are always looking for ways to reduce the emissions from our own vehicles.  That said, the impact on fleets can be profound. Each installed TrailerTail eliminates the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from each single personal car per year.

Keep an eye out for these groundbreaking devices on a highway near you.

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