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Driving around the city can be frustrating, circling the block looking for parking, and being late because of it. Now there is a solution with Streetline’s Parker application for Android. It makes parking easy by guiding you directly to open spaces, even in congested neighborhoods.

With the use of sensors on the street to track available parking, the information is sent straight to your phone and directs you to a free space. This real-time information is also used to determine meter pricing in particular areas of the city, as well as measure any congestion on city streets to avoid, reducing drive times and increasing gas savings. This easy to use parking solution also allows you to set a timer that alerts you when your meter is about to expire, and gives you the option to make the payments directly from your mobile phone in 84 U.S. cities.

So minimize the 30% of congestion caused by drivers looking for parking. Save money on gas and reduce emissions. Find the Parker app in the App Store for Android or visit for more information.

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