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How do you know that electric car charging is hitting the mainstream? Because high-profile places like Walgreens and Mall of America are installing EV charging units. These locations are taking an intriguing approach to EV charging infrastructure: outsourcing.

Instead of buying and operating electric car equipment, property owners hand over parking spaces to companies that own and operate all the equipment and services. The drugstore chain is working with Car Charging Group, 350Green, and NRG Energy to handle EV charging services—including setting and collecting fees—for 800 spots.

To get a better understanding of how these companies work—compared to more well known charging infrastructure and equipment companies, such as Coulomb Technologies and Ecotality—I spoke with Michael Farkas, CEO of Car Charging Group (CGG).

“We’re technology agnostic. Today, we use Coulomb Technology’s product. When something changes or develops, or charging times get faster, or someone comes out with the next charging gadget, we’ll be there,” said Farkas. “That’s what differentiates us. We’re not here to pitch a specific product.”

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