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The Energy Saving Trust is urging businesses to look at cutting carbon and fuel costs by launching a new video that looks at the realities of using electric cars.

The Trust says the video highlights the benefits and opportunities of investing in electric vehicles and shows that not only can they help organisations to reduce their carbon emissions, but can offer a cost effective solution as well.

The guide, presented by Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge fame, also tackles head on concerns around charging, range and cost offering a realistic and in-depth review of the viability of electric cars from a leading independent and impartial organisation.

The video shows that the range of an electric vehicle isn’t a barrier for all organisations or individuals; many vehicles’ daily mileage is well within the range of the latest electric cars and vans and the “fuel” for electric vehicles is much cheaper in comparison to petrol and diesel.

A small family hatchback with an efficient diesel engine would cost about £4,200 +VAT in diesel at current fuel costs to drive 10,000 miles per year for four years. However, a similar sized electric car would cost around £960 +VAT at current electricity prices; assuming half of the electricity is provided through an “economy 7” or similar tariff2. That’s a saving of over £3,200 + VAT per car.

Read the entire article at: TheGreenCarsWebsite

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