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A recent survey of U.S. mothers conducted by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, in partnership with and, revealed that moms should consider maintaining their tires as an important opportunity when they think of “keeping their children safe” for their everyday road trips.

Although safety ranked highest as the category mothers pay the most attention to overall, less than one percent of responses reported automotive maintenance as a tactic to help ensure their child’s safety. This is not really surprising news, but it is serious! We’ve said it before on the Ask Patty blog: your tires are the only part of your car that touch the road. Car safety begins right there! As a result, the Cooper Tire and teams have joined forces, bringing you the ultimate Super-Mom’s Guide to Tires.

Now, first of all – we get it. You’re a Super-Mom! You’ve got dinners to plan, track meets to attend, kids to pick up, deadlines to meet, and a job to do. You have plenty on your mind being a superhero for your family – but keeping that family safe is your number one priority, of course, and we have good news for you. Tire safety is easy! Being an informed mom or parent is the best protection you can have against any unforeseen problems. Let’s take a look at some top tire maintenance tips so you can get back to what you do best – saving the day!

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