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The results of a new survey by Trend Tracker show that none of the 12,000-strong people surveyed (in the UK) would consider their next car to be electric powered.

Automotive researcher Trend Tracker’s new Car Buyer Brand Perceptions 2011 study reports on several key criteria buyers use to make their next car purchase including brand, size, fuel type, and cost. Among the criteria investigated are carbon emissions, and the type of engine consumers’ next car is likely to have. The results show a modestly encouraging for manufacturers offering lower-emissions cars to comply with mandatory EU targets, but less so for electric cars.

With interviews taking place face-to-face in their homes 42% of those surveyed said they want to choose a car which lowers their personal emissions. Sixteen per cent agreed strongly with this proposition, while 25% neither agreed nor disagreed, 14% disagreed, and 3% disagreed strongly.

When asked what engine their next car would have, 45% of respondents said petrol, with diesel close behind on 42%. Sadly, Just 2% said they would choose a hybrid-electric car, but none opted for a fully-electric car. In fact even LPG beat electric, taking just 1% of the responses.

Trend Tracker analyst Toby Procter commented, “While the zero score for ‘zero emissions’ electric cars in the Trend Tracker consumer study may disappoint those pushing for electrification, the 2% of the male and 1% of the female samples surveyed interested in a hybrid is actually pointing in a greener direction than the current new-car market.”

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