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If you own a car, chances are you take it to your local carwash at least a few times a year to get it looking as “brand spankin’ new” as possible. But did you know that many carwashes, possibly the one you give your money to, don’t employ the proper technology to conserve water and end up being VERY wasteful?

The next time you have an urge to get your vehicle cleaned you can ensure that you take it to a carwash that is environmentally conscious about their use of water. You can check to see if they’re on the International Carwash Association’s list of “Watersavers”. In order to be a Watersavers member, carwashes have to comply with particular technology and practice standards that help them to cut down on water usage.

By giving your business to a Watersavers carwash you can help minimize your and your community’s environmental impact through everyday activities… And that’s a good thing.

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