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People considering a plug-in vehicle have a legitimate concern about how long EV batteries will last before they need to be replaced. The answer depends on how you use (or abuse) your vehicle’s batteries. With proper management—and following the tips in this article—the batteries in a modern EV could last decades, allowing plenty of time for the technology to go mainstream and for economies of scale to bring down the price. (Keep in mind: Nissan and General Motors and other carmakers currently provide EV battery warranties for eight years and 100,000 miles.)

Check out these tips—but of course, if your owner’s manual contradicts anything you read here, follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

1. Avoid full charging when you can.

One reason that batteries in mobile devices only last a couple years is that they are being pushed to their maximum capacity – frequently getting fully charged and fully drained. Consumer products are advertised by their battery operation time, not their battery lifespan. This means that every possible electron will be shoved in there. Charging to maximum capacity might give you the most possible use for that one charge, but it is one of the worst things that you can do to lithium batteries.

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