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save money on gasThere’s nothing worse then getting into a parked car that has been baking in the sun for hours. It’s physically uncomfortable, and it also forces you to blast the AC, using up more fuel then necessary and increasing your car’s emissions in the process.

What if you could rid yourself of this discomfort and wastefulness with the help of the same thing that brought it on in the first place, solar energy?

With SoCool’s solar powered car cooling system, CoolBreeze, you can. While you’re parked in the Sun, CoolBreeze uses the Sun’s energy to power cooling fans in the interior of your car. Because the system has the ability to keep your car close to 50 degrees cooler then normal, you’ll use your AC significantly less.

Therefore, you’ll save money on gas, as well as reduce emissions… All while employing green energy technologies that are safe for the environment.

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