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We’ve all learned things we have promptly forgotten, once we left the training venue. Just think about 5th grade math, for instance. Used any of that lately? That’s the key – if you use a new skill or concept you’re more likely to remember it and – more important – — USE it when appropriate.

With Ecodriving skills, of course, the whole idea is to get our drivers to do something differently. Given that they have likely been driving for decades, it can be challenging to teach an experienced driver new tricks. One way to increase the chances your drivers will change is to use common road signs, signals and sounds as reminders to them. How?

Let’s take one of the most common sights on the road -the common STOP sign. What if you were to have a contest for fleet drivers to come up with an acronym related to that sign, based on what they have learned in their ecodriving training? Something like:

Stay away from jackrabbit starts.

Take your time at intersections.

Observe traffic around you.

Pick the lane of least resistance.

What about the yellow caution light, found at every intersection with a stop light? Pairing that yellow light with information about avoiding jackrabbit starts can remind drivers, while stopped at that light, to NOT hit the gas pedal hard when the light changes. How?

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