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Car makers are missing out on sales for their latest ‘green’ and low emission models by failing to promote their lower running costs.

Motor manufacturers are prioritising communicating the environmental benefits of their latest models, despite the fact that these messages only appeal to a small cohort of ‘green activists’, which make up just 5.7 per cent of UK car drivers, new research suggests.

According to a new study from digital media firm Specific Media, manufacturers would find their advertisements and marketing messages more effective if they focused on the majority of car buyers who are motivated by cost benefits.

The study shows that when buying a new car, consumers’ thoughts are dominated by economic factors. Price (87 per cent) and fuel consumption (79 per cent) are the two biggest concerns with the particular model’s insurance costs coming in fifth (61 per cent).

And while almost eight in ten (78 per cent) would consider buying a ‘green’ car at present, 57 per cent would not pay a premium to do so. Overall, only a quarter of consumers (24 per cent) consider the environmental impact of a particular car when purchasing.

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