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2012 will see the debut of more new electric vehicles (EVs) than in any other year in our history. While 2011 saw the launch of the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf, 2012 will showcase the release of EVs from many additional automakers in the United States and around the world.

Toyota is bringing three new EVs to the table next year. Under their Scion Brand, Toyota will be releasing gas powered and electric versions of the iQ, a space saving hatchback that looks like a cross between a Kia Soul and a Smart ForTwo. The iQ-EV will reportedly have a range of 50 miles, enough to satisfy city and suburban user’s daily needs. Toyota is also releasing a plug-in version of its Prius Hybrid sedan, enhancing the already-efficient model with a 14-mile range battery pack. 2012 will also see the debut of an electric version of Toyota’s popular RAV-4. With a Tesla-built drive system, the RAV-4 EV will likely achieve around 100 miles per charge.

Automotive startup Coda is releasing its EV sedan in 2012, with a reported range of 120 miles per charge. Honda is debuting an electric version of its FIT coupe, equipped with a 100 mile range battery pack. Mitsubishi will bring its i-MiEV sedan to our shores in 2012. With optional ranges of 80 and 100 miles, the i-MiEV will surely be one of the oddest looking EV’s to debut next year. Ford is releasing an electric Focus in 2012. Although its range hasn’t been announced yet, the Focus will maintain a battery storage size of 23 kilowatt-hours, which is slightly less than the Leaf’s battery pack (which provides 73 miles of range rated by the EPA).  Not to be outdone in the realm of small, urban driving focused EV hatchbacks, Daimler will bring an electric version of its Smart ForTwo to U.S. consumers in 2012.

In the realm of high end models, 2012 will showcase the debut of Tesla’s Model S and Fisker’s Karma luxury sedans.  Audi will release an electric (dubbed ‘e-tron’) version of its gorgeous R8 sports car. A third party manufacturer is even taking the reins in re-releasing the DMC Delorean sports car, this time equipped with an electric drive train. New electric buses, motorcycles, and scooters round out impressive 2012 fleet of new EVs.

2012 is shaping up to be a monumental year in the history of EVs.  More automakers are debuting a range of electric models in the coming months than ever before.  While the internal combustion engine is by no means endangered, it will be interesting to see where the new car market goes through the next 12 months. What do you think?

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