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Washing your own car is something you do if you live in the suburbs, you’re hot, and you own a pair of short jean cutoff shorts. Barring those requirements (or if it’s just too cold to bust out your jean cutoffs), you do what the rest of us do: pay someone else to wash your car.

Today, a new startup launches to bring the carwash to you. On-demand car wash service Cherry launched Tuesday with $750K in seed funding from PayPal founder Max Levchin, Yammer CEO David Sacks, and Square COO Keither Rabois.

The premise is beautifully simple. The fact is: I am so damned lazy that I will not only not wash my own car, but will put off having someone else do it if it means I have to actually get in my car and drive somewhere to have it done. That’s possibly 20 minutes out of my weekend that I’m just not willing to give up so easily. Cherry allows me to check in on the Cherry app using my iPhone, which gives the company my location, and they come down to where ever I’ve parked my car to wash it without requiring any further interfacing with me.

Payment is automatically charged to my credit card and includes the tip, though if I think the cleaning was particularly careful and thorough, I can give my carwash a five star rating, which will give a bonus to whoever washed my car.

Each carwash costs $29 (a small price to pay if it means I can go about my day and come back to a clean car) and includes an exterior and interior cleaning, as well as air freshener. All washes are done with an eco-friendly biodegradable carwash solution with portable sprayers that are designed to wash cars with significantly less water runoff than traditional carwashes.

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