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This week we are giving away 5 pairs of Tripledge Green Wiper Blades from our good friends at the Wiper Store to our loyal members.

Tripledge™ Green Wiper Blades are the world’s first fully recyclable wiper blade that uses an environmentally friendly silicone squeegee. Silicone is durable in all seasons, has a longer life than organic rubber squeegees and is not a petroleum based product.

The Green Blade is the first windshield wiper that has a unique, built in recycling program. All parts of your wiper blade can be recycled. Send it to Tripledge and they will take your used blade and recycle it into new products, reducing the amount of waste going in to our landfills. Help the planet, save money and drive safer with the Tripledge Green Blade.

You have 5 chances to win. That means you have 5 chances to win these ecofriendly wiper blades. To enter head over to our Earthgarage fan page. This promotion ends on November 26th.

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