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Yokohama Tire is in business to design and sell tires for a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from commercial trucks through passenger cars and even racing applications. It’s also in the business of customer service, which is why the tire maker has produced a series of videos to help consumers get the most out of their tires.

In this installment, Mark Chung, Yokohama’s director of corporate strategy and planning, gives some helpful tips on how you can get the best fuel economy from your tires. There’s a thinly disguised ad for the company’s low-rolling-resistance dB Super E-spec tires, but it doesn’t detract from the message of the video.

Want to save as much fuel as possible? Chung recommends you start by getting rid of junk in your trunk. The lighter your car is, the less fuel it will consume; besides, when was the last time you needed that full size lug wrench you’ve been carting around?