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Even with the many advancements evident on today’s internal combustion engines… the basic premise is pretty much the same. A four-stroke setup delivers air and fuel, getting one “power” stroke out of every four. It’s not exactly efficient, though there are many ideas on how to improve the process. Scuderi Engines has developed a design utilizing compressed air and a unique four-stroke setup.

Normally, a four-stroke engine goes through 2 up and 2 down cycles; intake, compression, power, exhaust. Of these four strokes just one, the power stroke, puts any energy to the wheels, and each cylinder is responsible for its own four-stroke cycle.

The Scuderi engine breaks the four stroke cycle up between two cylinders. The cylinders are paired together, with one cylinder handling intake and compression and the second cylinder handling power and exhaust. The Scuderi engine also fires just after top dead center on the power stroke, giving the piston more leverage over the crankshaft.

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