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Sure, we’ve all heard it a million times. If you stop driving on the street like you’re leading the last five laps of the Indy 500, you might actually be able to save some fuel. (And you’ll be a bit safer as well!)

But even though we’ve heard it, do we really believe it’s worth it to slow down?

Well, if you know anything about Ecodriving and the success that it has had helping people to save fuel and be safer, then you know to believe it.

Changing how you drive really can save you fuel and many times it doesn’t put you behind schedule as much as you might think it would.

Don’t believe us?

Well here are couple of links to consider.

This link is to a study done by Ford that shows not only that that process of Ecodriving works, but that it can work extremely well.

Read the entire article at Ecodriving Solutions

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