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Perhaps the best thing you can do for the environment in your motoring habits is to buy a new automobile.

Hybrids, electric cars and other green alternatives are better for the environment due to the emissions levels than conventionally-fuelled vehicles; that’s a simple truth.

And there are a lot of new car offers around right now to try and tempt us in as all the carmakers and dealerships are scrambling like crazy for our buck in these financially-straitened times.

But for those of us who simply can’t afford a new car, the best thing we can do for the environment is to hang on to our old jalopies and learn to love them again. Oh yeah – and drive them less.

The amount of energy and implied carbon dioxide emissions that go into a brand new car put all our other green efforts into perspective. So as long as your old roadster isn’t really belching out the black stuff, then hanging onto your old car helps reduce consumption and production.

Of course, it pretty much always makes financial sense to hang onto your old car, especially if you are want to sell old car to a car dealership.

Automobiles basically depreciate all the time unless you have a true collector’s piece that you keep in the garage. A car is a depreciating asset – and few things we ever own in life will lose their value quicker.

So learn to love your old automobile. First off, clean it like you’ve never cleaned it before, with color cutting wax, wax polish and all the other cleaners like wheel polish, tyre spray and car glass polish. Now see how you feel about it. It’s said that a new car drives better – and this is so true. Now get it a full service and buy any bits you need like wiper blades, light bulbs and all those little things you don’t do when you’re thinking about getting rid.

Also – valet the inside and buy yourself one or two interior gimmicks and you’ll find you’ll be falling in love all over again!