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Why go to five conferences when one conference combines the latest in renewables, cleantech, the smart grid, green hedge funds and more in just two days? The Wall Street Green Summit XI continues to be a one stop shop for the latest information and networking opportunities in environmental financial markets, an area which is continuing to grow.

The continuing financial crisis has changed the green business model. Innovative approaches in renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon reductions are being spurred by the necessity of doing more with less. The Summit brings together the leading innovators in environmental finance for the annual gathering in New York on March 19 & 20, 2012.

“Green investing is continuing to grow with almost $9 billion in cleantech investment in 2011 and with New York passing Boston in money deployed in venture capital,” said Peter C. Fusaro, Chairman of Global Change Associates and founder of the Summit. Despite the lack of US federal government action for the foreseeable future, green market developments are manifesting themselves at state levels and globally for 2012, with entrepreneurs leading the way with creative, economical innovation. The Summit offers a superb program reflecting the opportunities and challenges of the moment.

The 11th annual conference promises to be the best yet as new ideas on building design, green transportation, the Smart Grid, emissions mitigation, green funds, and renewable energy are presented clearly and in depth from experts. Learn from JP Morgan, IBM, Cisco Systems, Mission Markets, Jones Lang LaSalle, Point Carbon, Deutsche Bank, National Grid, and many other environmental financial leaders on how to invest, trade and profit from these new market opportunities. With almost 65 speakers, there is much about which to learn, covering the following:

  •     The Latest on Renewable Energy Project
  •     Financing Green Buildings
  •     The California Carbon Market Developments for 2012
  •     The Latest on the EU ETS & the Durban COP Conference
  •     Update on Opportunities for Investment in Solar Renewable Energy Markets
  •     New Opportunities in Social Impact Investing
  •     What Smart Grid Opportunities are Taking Shape
  •     The Ecosystem Marketplace and Forestry Offsets
  •     New Strategies for Green Hedge Funds

More information about this event is available at, or  contact Carmen Cook, Global Change Associates at 212-222-3775 or carmen(at)global-change(dot)com. is a media partner for the The Wall Street Green Summit XI.