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Under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York City is fast becoming a tech-centric and data driven metropolis. From the push for an applied sciences tech campus, to the support of media and technology start-ups, the Big Apple circa 2012 is making a play to become a new hub for technological innovation.

This vehicle queuing sensor is one of many installed by the DOT that helps monitor traffic, and address problems, in real time. Photo courtesy of NYC DOT.

But beyond expanding the private sector, city government is also using technology to improve service. And one agency in particular is relying on it to modernize and adapt for the future: the Department of Transportation.

“We have worked hard to bring technology to the streets,” DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan told MetroFocus. “We’re no longer at a point to use concrete, asphalt and steel [to move forward]. We need to use technology.”

The DOT has spent $296 million on advances in traffic signal technology alone in the past four years, an amount Sadik-Khan calls a small sum, especially compared to the $4.3 billion road and bridge program.

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