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There are two types of drivers: drivers who need a car every day and drivers who just need one for the occasional meeting or trip out of town. The automotive industry is changing, and with it, so are drivers who are now looking to save money on gas and reduce emissions.

This is where the idea of car sharing comes in to play. Car sharing is pretty simple, instead of having many drivers who don’t use their car every day, these drivers can now opt not to own a car, but share one with another car owner and have access to a car only when they need it. Car sharing is a fraction of the price of buying a car which also includes paying for gas, maintenance and insurance. The two different types of car sharing that can be utilized by drivers are car sharing that use cars that a company like owns or sharing other peoples cars through websites like and paying the owner a low cost per hour for renting their vehicle.

As a college student, I find that it is extremely difficult for many friends and myself to run errands and just get off campus for the day. Many college students who are already struggling with finances have a hard time factoring transportation into their budget. This is where can help. is a company in partnership with that allows students at four different colleges in California to share their cars for a small price. covers the cost of gas and insurance for car owners, making this swap simple and worry free for owners as well as cheap and helpful for students who just need a car for a night out or a trip to the grocery store.  In addition, smartphone capabilities have accelerated the speed of scheduling making it more attractive to college students. Many students rely on buses or campus trolleys to get around but there are scheduling and location limitations. As car sharing is introduced onto more college campuses, students will find that making trips off campus can be done in a much more convenient and cost efficient way.


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