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Apple’s uber-popular iPad is going to be making its way into the back of dozens of taxis in a pilot program that will offer riders a range of credit card perks, increased trip monitoring and eventually, officials say, the ability to play games like Angry Birds.

The move to use the tablet computers, instead of Taxi TVs, is music to the ears of many drivers who have long-complained about the blaring screens that can be found in cabs around the city — the new devices will not have the video programming and ads that have irked many in recent years.

“There’s nothing more pleasant than to have a quiet ride,” said driver Victor Salazar, of the Bronx. “In a city that’s so noisy, a quiet ride is essential.”

The Taxi and Limousine Commission’s pilot program, announced Thursday, would outfit 30 yellow cabs with iPads and the application Square, a credit card payment system popular with t-shirt vendors, hip cafes and other small businesses across the country.

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