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We are all aware that driving cars powered by diesel or petrol is not good for the environment. Not only are we running down supplies of a finite amount of fossil fuel, we are also creating emissions that are harmful to the planet too.

So, while the ideal would be that we all stopped driving our own cars and used public transport powered by alternative fuels like biogas, this isn’t yet a feasible option for many sectors of the world’s population.

Instead, we can upgrade to one of the many eco friendly cars now available when it comes to the time to change our car. These now are available as family cars, superminis, and even people carriers. However, along with their eco-friendly credentials, these vehicles can be expensive to buy, if not to run.

Most people aren’t in a position simply to switch cars for the environment’s sake, so even if your car doesn’t have great credentials re fuel economy and CO2 emissions, there are ways you can drive it better to reduce the amount of fuel you burn (and the emissions you create) and improve gas mileage.

  • Plan your trips – instead of nipping out on individual errands, combine them all into one trip if possible. The fewer times you use the car, the less fuel you will use. Choose a route that involves less stopping and starting and pick the times that you drive for the quietest traffic times. If you can, adjust your working hours so that you can avoid rush hour.
  • Lighten up – empty the car of any unnecessary items as each extra pound of weight just serves to increase the fuel consumption of your car. The engine will have to work harder to move a heavier car, so remove anything you don’t need, including items like bike and roof racks.
  • Have car free days – it may not be practical to do without the car altogether, but there’s no reason to leave it at home once or twice a week and take public transport or car pool instead.

Even if you already drive a hybrid like a Honda Insight or a Toyota Prius, following these kinds of tips can improve the mileage you get from your current car, and help to reduce emissions and the amount of CO2 that cars add to the planet.