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People looking for a good family car are always looking for certain things that the car can offer. As well as increase fuel economy, they want enough comfortable space in the car for the children, the parents and all the things they want to carry in the boot. Of course, safety and reliability are also very important.

One thing that people didn’t used to give so much thought is the environmental credentials that the car has, but now knowing how green a car is has become far more relevant. For a start it can help lower your running costs. For example, if you drive a hybrid car, it’s likely to produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions than a conventional car and qualify for a lower road tax annual fee. If a car produces less than 100g/km of CO2, then it is exempt from road tax in the UK.

Of course, it also is a good feeling for you as an individual to know that the car you drive does less damage to the environment; it’s not only good for today, but it’s helping protect the planet for the future generations. There is also the hand-in-hand benefit of a car that has good fuel economy being better for the planet as well as your budget. If you use less fuel, it costs you less to travel places, and you create fewer emissions in the process.

Fortunately, more and more new cars are being designed to be environmentally friendly. Even new diesels being produced today have really low emissions as well as great mileage figures. And plug in hybrid electric vehicles have developed from being novelty cars for particularly ‘green’ consumers to being the kind of vehicles that everyone can use. There is a diverse number of models and makes now available. Whether you are looking for a hatchback, an estate car or a people carrier, you can find a hybrid model.