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Purchasing an eco-friendly tire was once only an option for hybrid vehicles.

Now these tires can be purchased at many tire retailers and in many sizes. Eco-friendly tires will help a car get better gas mileage as they reduce rolling resistance and typically run the same price as a standard tire.

According to,  two examples of eco-friendly tires are the Michelin HydroEdge with Green X and the Continental ProContact with EcoPlus Technology. Both tires drove well in wet conditions and were ranked highly by drivers.  Along with having better rolling resistance, some were also made with more eco-friendly raw materials such as non-aromatic oils in place of petroleum. Other tire are now being designed to last longer as a way to reduce over consumption of tire materials.

It is always important to compare tire ratings to select the safest and most appropriate tire for your vehicle. Fuel efficiency should also be a factor in your purchasing decision and eco-friendly tire options are a viable choice.

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