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Gas prices are always a hot topic this time of year. The coming out of the summer sun increases our need for mobility to do the activities we yearn for to get in shape, tan, and in the water. And simple economics explain this augmented demand with the higher numbers at the pump.

Too often though we Americans complain about how much we pay for gasoline.  In reality (defined as within the context of the greater Western world) we drive more and pay much less. The average Norwegian is spending an average price of $9.55 per gallon of petrol these days. Yet for some reason people place an outrageous blame Obama’s socialistic agenda as explanation for the current average price of $3.72 here in the States.

Below I have compiled a list of average prices per gallon for countries around the world for the month of May in this foul year of our lord 2012.

U.S. $3.72

Canada $4.75

Mexico $3.63

Russia $3.53

Norway $9.55

France $8.53

United Kingdom $8.53

Ecuador $2.37

Japan $7.17

New Zealand $6.93

Singapore $6.35

Australia $5.72

Iran $0.72

Israel $7.85

Next time you cringe at the pump think about how much worse it is for our international peers in Europe and Japan. Sometimes my friend, the grass is not always greener.

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