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Innovative technology will always carve the best path forward towards time and cost efficiencies. Those designers that acknowledge the dramatic increase in speed and general obligation placed upon the average individual and succeed in universal reductions of time (no matter how minute) are the ones that will rise above even the thickest whey of social influence.

I mean honestly, even Facebook looks in need of a good pasteurization these days.

Transportation consultancy and Smartphone App designer Streetline focuses on improving the parking grid to where every open space’s status updates in real-time onto their online maps that are directly available on your smartphone.

Developed for use in parking garages, campuses, airports, and shopping centers, ParkEdge works together with the lot owners to provide instant information on where to find that elusive space. Similar to their Parker app, ParkEdge connects every parking spot in a define location to a mainframe that is updated by motion sensors and displayed onto a user-friendly map of the area.

With this innovation you will know exactly how far you need to drive and in which direction before even taking the ticket to open the gate.  No more wandering through the isle just hoping to find that perfect opportunity. No more stress from time consuming disruptions before even beginning the reason you arrived.

Not only will this product save you time and sanity, the less time you drive around in search of a place to unload the less precious gasoline you will need to consume going nowhere but backwards. Don’t let the heat of the summer drag you and your bank account down just looking for a place to get outside.

Please feel free to visit the company website to learn more about ParkEdge and their other time and cost saving technologies.


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