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It was once impossible to find an electric vehicle charging station.

Today, more towns and cities are electric vehicle friendly. There are more charging stations for vehicles and greater incentives to use this alternative fuel source. It’s important to see if the area where you live  provides charging stations and other amenities for electric vehicle users.

Many major roadways are installing EV charging stations at rest stops along the roads including the Pennsylvania Turnpike which will get EV charging stations at 17 service plazas. Another incentive for using an electric vehicle is to gain access to HOV lanes.

Many local governments provide subsidies and rebates to install charging stations at home which can make owning an electric vehicle more affordable. The city of Los Angeles provides rebates of up to $2,000 for electric car owners to install charging stations at home. Some local governments are leading by example and have been investing in electric vehicles for their fleet. Towns are providing closer parking to train stations, super markets, hospitals and more for electric vehicles.

Previously, many people hoped to drive greener cars but felt restricted. These small changes made by many towns and cities are making owning an electric vehicle more of a reality. Check with your local government to see what accommodations are being made for electric vehicles in your area.

Ford released a list last year of the top 25 cities ready for electric vehicles: Is your city on the list?


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