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Summertime is pulling us further into its sweltering clutches. It’s time for popsicles, swimming pools, tube tops, and flip-flops. Time to turn that AC unit on before you start to sweat to death, that is if you have one that works. If not, you can find out more here on how you can get yours repaired or replaced.

It’s also that time when you find yourself parking your car under the scraggly tree in the farthest row of the parking lot in hopes of scrounging a bit of shade so that the M&Ms stashed in your glove compartment won’t melt into a gooey glob. That slick, all-black interior seemed like such a good idea in December…

Cars heat up fast when left outdoors on a sultry summer day. As you slide into your car, put the A/C on full blast, and try to avoid singeing your fingers on the steering wheel, you might ask, “How much is it costing me to cool this sauna-on-wheels down?”

Does air conditioning require a lot of extra energy? What if you need air conditioning repairs for your home, you might need to help of somewhere similar to QuickFast AC Repair to support you with your home repair. Would it be better to simply drive with the windows open to save money on gas? We know How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Cost Low in our homes, but how can we do it in our vehicles as well?

There’s not really one clear-cut answer.

Yes, air conditioning does require some extra fuel and can decrease gas mileage. For the sake of conserving gas, minimizing the amount of time you use the air conditioning would be prudent (it’s time, not temperature that matters). Of course, the amount of fuel used by an air conditioning system varies from situation to situation, depending on car type and driver habits.

Even though air conditioning does use a bit of fuel, rolling down the windows as an alternative might not always improve gas mileage. Driving with the windows down can increase drag, Drag causes the car to do more work and use more fuel, especially when driving at higher speeds.

The general consensus is this: If you’re just driving around town at, say, 35 mph, then roll down those windows and catch the breeze. When you’re cruising down the highway doing 65, let the air conditioning take over.

Luckily, cars are becoming increasingly fuel efficient and aerodynamic. If you own a modern car, chances are the air conditioning system uses a relatively small amount of fuel and driving with the windows down at low speeds won’t create a gas-gobbling amount of drag.

In general, there are many other ways to save money on gas that will make a bigger difference in your wallet. Focusing on carpooling and keeping tires fully inflated is more important and much more comfortable than refraining from using the air conditioning and roasting yourself.

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