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Performance Friction Corporation, a leading aftermarket brake pad manufacturer says the time is now for consumers, parts distributors, installers and car manufacturers to switch to copper free brake pads.

Major steps are being taken by environmentalists and state lawmakers to ban the use of copper in brake pads. California and Washington passed legislation in 2010 that will effectively ban the use of copper in brake pads by 2025.  Similar laws are being proposed in New York, Rhode Island and Oregon.

Performance Friction is already ahead of the movement, having released copper free pads through major automakers since 2006, and is readily available for OE production. Without sacrificing brake pad quality, PFC Carbon Metallic® pads meet all environmental regulations and contain no harmful substances.

The company states that both installers and consumers should know that environmental scientists have recognized brake pads containing copper as a threat to our water systems and aquatic life.

Also, the law does not hold the manufacturer responsible, according to PFC.  The installers are liable for any inventory containing copper – not the manufacturer.

The excessive presence of copper through watershed threatens water ecosystems due to the toxicity to species of algae, such as phytoplankton, that is a large source of food for aquatic life. Also, excessive copper causes salmon to lose their sensory capabilities, making it difficult for them to find their way to spawning grounds.

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