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Need directions to a destination?

HopStop is a great way to plan a route to work, a restaurant, or a friend’s apartment. The website can give your directions to your destination via the bus, subway, walking, biking, taxi, or a combination of these methods. You can use the site to plan your route ahead of time or download the app for your phone and check the route as you go.

The Web site doesn’t just offer directions, it also has schedules, maps, a city guide, and it roughly¬†calculates¬†the calories you’ll burn on your trip. The city guide has information on restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping areas, and other attractions, along with ratings of these locations and easy directions. They also have real time alerts so you can better plan your route. HopStop is available for over 60 cities in America and a handful in Canada, along with a few major cities in Europe such as London and Paris.

Check out the website here.

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