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Your daily commute to work is one of the largest contributors to your environmental footprint.  According to 2009 government census data, the average work commute is 25.1 minutes in the United States. Over 86% of Americans drive a car, truck or van to work, while only 5% use public transportation.

Here are a few ideas from the Green Business Bureau to help you green your commute:

1)   Allow your employees to telecommute by working from home. There are many free programs such as Skype and Google Plus that can make telecommuting convenient and cost-effective.

Green Your Office Commute

2)   Encourage employees to use public transit to save time and fuel. Consider subsidizing transit passes and earn tax credits.

3)   Start your own carpool or rideshare rewards program. Every day ask employees to write their name on a list posted in the office if they carpooled to work.  At the end of the month, give a treat to employees who carpooled most often. New ridesharing services such as Car2Go and Zimride can also help employees find group rides.

4)   Encourage your employees to bike to work. Facilitate a healthy and green lifestyle by providing bike racks and showers.

Learn more about greener methods of transportation from experts at Green Irene.

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